Chance for Chelsea to Live the Life she Deserves

Blogging for Chelsea

on January 24, 2012

Here is the first of many blogs to come  ….  This is a way for me (Melissa – Chelsea’s mum or Trent – Chelsea’s dad, my husband) to update the world and vent about anything and everything to do with raising a disabled child our little angel Chelsea Paige.

Trent & I got married, have a home, planned to have a baby and thought it would be happy ever after, easy peasy!  Discussing which school to put our daughter through, what type of car she will drive, what types of boyfriends she might have and how we hope she will get great grades at school.  Well, well, well has out outlook on life changed now or what!

Now its discussing where special school’s are located, that there is a high chance Chelsea won’t drive a car or have a boyfriend or even talk. Who cares about her grades but hope she can communicate and just be healthy and happy. Very different hey!

I am Chelsea’s full time career staying at home doing daily physio activities, monitoring seizures, taking her to specialist appointments – such as her Neurologist, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Special Needs Children’s Playgroup, Disability Services appointments and Hydrotherapy.

Chelsea is developmentally delayed for her age as her brain sends electrical sparks to her body causing seizures (Epilepsy).  Her bad brain muddle signals and doesn’t allow her body to react the way she wants her to, her brain signals let her down a bit.  But to stay positive Chelsea can sit independently, babble a tiny bit, use her left arm and roll a bit too. At physio we are concentrating on her using her right arm too now with resistant therapy helping heaps.   No she can’t crawl, walk or talk as other children do at this age but we DO see small improvements, slowly – we just call it ‘Chelsea’s pace’ and she will get there!   Early intervention is vital and attending all her specialist appointments are not free – there is no funding for Aicardi Syndrome Children in Australia.  So our fundraising through Sunshine Butterflies is the only way for us to afford to put Chelsea through these really important necessary therapies…. It’s Just the way it is.  We are doing everything we can do, to give Chelsea the Best Start to Life, exactly what this little girl needs and deserves. I believe all disabled children deserve the best start to life and need that extra help and as Chelsea’s parents we don’t sit back at cry about how bad life is and how unfair it is…(ha sometimes we do) but we always try to stay positive, be a great advocate for our daughter, stand up and speak for her! Be proactive!

I am so dam proud to be married to Trent, he is the best dadda and my best friend.   I am so dam proud at the efforts I put into Chelsea’s weekly appointments and therapies and think she is very, very lucky to have me as her Mummy and know in my heart we are doing everything we can to help her.  I push Chelsea to achieve her best at Chelsea’s Pace.  We love Chelsea very much.

2 responses to “Blogging for Chelsea

  1. Melissa says:

    Mel that is just awesome, love the blog, good job, you and Trent are always doing an amazing job, your relaxed manner enables you to handle Chelsea with so much strength through all her ups and downs. We love you all and are always here if you need us, (or when you don’t – with Olivia and Wes popping in)!!

  2. Well said, Mel. Chelsea is a beautiful little girl and she is lucky to have you as her parents. Like any parents, parents of children with disabilities just want what is best for our kids and Claire and Chelsea will live fantastic lives with us as their advocates and carers. It is difficult asking others to help, but it is very encouraging that so many people are willing to do so. I hope you get lots of support through donations to Sunshine Butterflies and the fundraising you have planned. It was lovely to catch up today and I am happy to see your blog and Facebook page 🙂

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