Chance for Chelsea to Live the Life she Deserves

April – what a month!

 April, what a month! Fundraiser over – pew what a big lead up to such an amazing morning, so much organising and time spent on the preparation, relieved it went to so well. Thank you letters are now on my to do list.  We are blessed to have such support.  Now we can focus on the next milestones for Chelsea.

Chelsea has been doing relatively well with her seizures and has progressed a lot developmentally. She has discovered how to roll and can now bring her feet to her face (gezz just like baby’s do I know she is 19months old but she is making progress even if it isn’t the norm time frames )

This month has made me realise how many people care and are here to support us, its overwhelming.  I can say we are “lucky”.  Luck is not always on our side but for once things just seem right.   Friends, family, neighbours, playgroup mums, baby bridges, the local community have all been very supportive.  Thank you to you all.

Next hurdle is this diet! Chelsea is starting the ketogenic diet second week of May.  Such hard work and dedication will be required by all the family but it will totally be worth it to have the chance at reducing medication, having seizure free time and developing more. Chelsea and I are so busy with appointments, I am actually really looking forward to our appointment with her  Paediatrician, he will be pleasantly surprised with her progress and I can’t wait to see his reaction and have a good chat about her development.

Chelsea’s physiotherapist was ecstatic to see her progress last week. When placed and positioned, Chels can use her upper body strength to hold herself up.  Balance when side sitting and reach out for toys a lot better.  We love, love, love Chelsea’s Physio, she is one of Queensland’s most respected Clinical Paediatric Physiotherapist, has 26years experience, she is the best person to help Chelsea reach her goals.  She is so positive and uplifting, is a wealth of knowledge, kind hearted and loves getting on the floor down at Chelsea’s level.  She has seen Chelsea since she was only a few months old and it is because of her that Chelsea has come so far.    Photos below at Physio.



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