Chance for Chelsea to Live the Life she Deserves

2013 Flash Back for Chels

on January 2, 2014

Over the last twelve months Chelsea has had:

2 Hospital admissions

5 Emergency Hospital visits

208 Seizures

14 Occupational therapy appointments

17 Physiotherapy appointments

15 Speech therapy appointments

8 Neurologist appointments

4 Paediatric appointments

38 Music therapy sessions

730 doses of medication

Got a wheel chair

Held a Zumba Danzeit Fundraiser with the local community

Started to use the right arm and leg more

Started toilet training

Broke her leg on a swing

Celebrated her 3rd Birthday

Started to weight bear with assistance

Realised that Chelsea won’t ever talk but can understand us and communicates in her own ways

Continued the ketogenic diet to assist in controlling her seizures

Asked for Help more than 62 times

Learnt how to clap her hands

Spent around $11,200 on therapies, medications, nappies, keto diet foods and equipment.

Started the construction of Chelsea’s Special Home

Received a Suncorp Brighter Futures Grant

Received more than $60,000 worth of donations and discounts for Chelsea’s Home


Thank you to all the friends, family, carers, respite workers and organisations that have helped Chelsea over the past twelve months.

She is a very loved and lucky girl to have so much support.  

With all the therapy appointments, early intervention and homework activities I look forward to seeing Chelsea stand or maybe even walk in 2014!

To understand where it all started read this….


 2013 chance for chelsea


One response to “2013 Flash Back for Chels

  1. Sidney says:

    Hi, I just wanted to tell you that in my biology class we each got a chance to choose a disease to present and my partner and I chose Aicardi Syndrome and I hope you don’t mind on telling us on how Chelsea is doing and us using this site in our presentation. Have a nice Day : )

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