Chance for Chelsea to Live the Life she Deserves

3 month update

Its been a while since I last updated Chelsea’s website / blog .

So here are the highlights and lows of April, May & June:

 ~ Chelsea has been weaned off 2 of her 3 anticonvulsants because the Ketogenic diet has worked so well.  Food is now helping control her seizures rather than nasty medications with side effects.

 ~ We have now changed from the Ketogenic Diet to the MAD (Modified Atkins Diet) Chelsea is allowed unlimited amount of protein, 15g carbs & 60g fat each day. This new diet is maintaining her seizure control and the MAD is less strict than the Keto. Which is less stress for the family and gives Chelsea variety in foods!

 ~ Chelsea has trialled a wheelchair / push chair and we are looking at quotes at the moment. We are SOOO lucky that all the fundraising we have done will pay towards the expense of the pushchair – so THANK YOU to all whom have donated over the past few years and who have helped recently it all adds up and helps precious little Chels J   we are forever grateful !

 ~ Chelsea broke her leg ! She was on the indoor swing at home and her shoes griped the rubber flooring and the swing kept swinging straight over her foot and she had a mild fracture in her tibia.  Pink fibreglass cast – that goes in the bath is great!  Since she broke her leg, we have been focusing on other therapies like speech instead of physio, as Chelsea is unable to weight bear at the moment, once the cast is off, she will be back into the swing of things – practicing her standing!

 ~ Chelsea has been a little bit more vocal babbling around her little brother, maybe copying him.  They are both enjoying music therapy too, they go weekly and enjoy the stimulation and socialisation.

 ~ Speech Therapy is going quiet well, lots of eye gazing at answers on flash cards or on the ipad.  We are actually trailing a device tomorrow for a few weeks, to see if this particular eye gaze device would be ideal for Chelsea. When we ask Chelsea to choose the a certain colour or shape, her eyes will stare at the correct answer. But her brain can’t communicate to her arms to choose the right answers very well.  Fingers Crossed this can help Chelsea communicate back to us better !

 ~ Seizures, well she still has a small one almost everyday and a big one once a week or so. This is just something we live with and deal with as they come.  It’s our norm.

~ Toilet training has begun, Chelsea does understand, just doesn’t communicate back, so we pop her on the toliet and ask her to go, and more often than not she does ! Wooohooo  this is the beginning of something great !

 ~Chelsea will get AFO’s in a fortnight! The cast will come off and the following week is the AFO fitting. AFO’s are plastic moulded shoe type device that will help strengthen her legs, ankle and line her feet up correctly and hopefully help her stand with more confidence and start weight bearing better. One day she WILL walk.


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Thank you for following Chelsea’s story ! Until our next blog, stay safe and tell your family and friends how much you love them !

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