Chance for Chelsea to Live the Life she Deserves

The year that was, for little Chelsea – 2012

Over the last twelve months Chelsea has had:

17 Physiotherapy appointments

15 Speech therapy appointments

8 week course of hydrotherapy

6 Neurologist appointments

4 Paediatric appointments

4 Hospital admissions

6 Emergency Hospital visits

12 Chiropractic appointments

4 Occupational therapy appointments

Got a standing frame

Got a walking frame

Moved into king single bed

Got a sleeping night camera to monitor seizures

Held a Champagne Breakfast Fundraiser with the local community

Started to use the right side of her body – arms and legs

Celebrated her 2nd Birthday with lots of family and friends

Attended The Gem Hotel’s Pig Race afternoon, fundraiser for Chelsea & local charities from this we purchased an ipad with proloquo2go  as a communication device

Realised that Chelsea understands more than we give her credit for

Started the ketogenic diet and will continue it for 2years.

Eaten 16.8kgs of double cream for the keto diet  $225 worth in the last 7months!

Got better at rolling, sitting and getting herself down onto the floor

Became a big sister and has learnt to seek attention and babble more, we are working on sharing toys

Spent around $12,700 on therapies, medications, nappies, keto diet foods and equipment.

Made some wonderful little friends.

If you are new to following Chelsea’s development or need a refresh, have a look at my first blog (click here), that was done almost 1 year ago. She has come along way. We still stay positive and celebrate the little things that Chelsea does, even if it is at Chelsea’s pace. She will eventually crawl, walk, talk. With all the therapy appointments, early intervention and homework activities I look forward to seeing Chelsea blossom next year!  Thank you to all the friends, family, organisations that have helped Chelsea over the past twelve months. She is a very loved and lucky girl to have sooo much support.


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