Chance for Chelsea to Live the Life she Deserves

Medication decrease

Today we saw one of Chelsea’s neurologists for a ketogenic diet update.  The Neuro & Dietician were very happy with Chelsea progress and success on the diet over the last 4months, so the decision was made to continue the diet for the next 20months – yep 2 years worth! We are in it for the long hall and we get to begin weaning Chelsea off some of her anticonvulsant medications. The main reason we started this diet was to see if food can control Chelsea’s seizures rather than medications – medications have terrible side effects.  Some side effects for Chelsea include: – drowsiness, permanent peripheral vision loss, prevent the ability to sweat, reduced communication skills, nausea etc.    So we now look forward to seeing if weaning her off will not affect her seizure activity. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Since the arrival of her brother, Chelsea has been seeking attention as kids do, which is really nice. She is squeeling and babbling more, we are really looking forward to her copying and learning from Brock once he hits milestones – clapping hands, crawling, waving etc.   We are looking forward to summer time in the pool and at the water parks with the kids!



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Chelsea turned 2!

 It’s been a little while since my last blog. We have been very busy! A lot has happened……….

Chelsea has moved into a ‘big girls’ bed a nice big king single. She is proud I think, she is also sleeping a lot better, as she is so tall she was out growing her cot fast!  Maybe this is why she is doing so well with her seizure activity(plus her keto diet of coarse).  She has only ONE seizure in the last month!  

The keto diet  – I spent 5 ½ hours in the kitchen cooking up meals for Chelsea the other week. So time consuming having to weigh absolutely everything and cooking and preparing meals. But after 4months of being on the diet, we have finally found food’s Chelsea is happy to eat every meal.  A new recipe I made up was Tuna Bake, example below.

Big news, Chelsea’s little brother was born the 14th August, Brock is his name. Amazing how my husband and I already notice some differences between Chelsea as a baby and having Brock. What a journey ahead we have!

We celebrated Chelsea’s 2nd birthday on the weekend. My goodness, lots of little friends and family came along to celebrate. We had a music therapist entertain the kiddies, she was fantastic!  All the children enjoyed themselves and the parents and grandparents all had smiles on their faces too, I think the adults had smiling hearts seeing the kids having so much fun and making music.  I believe birthdays are there to be celebrated, they only happen once, Chelsea is precious and over the last 2 years she has come a long, long way. We are proud of her and hope to see her improve in leaps and bounds over the next year.

Time in her standing frame has helped, she is partially weight bearing on her feet.  Her physio is very impressed with her progress and we have lots of home work activities to do everyday.

Now that it is beginning to warm up I’m really looking forward to getting Chelsea back in the pool and working on hydrotherapy activities.








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