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A Big 2013 for Chelsea

on March 22, 2013

Well it has been a while since my last blog, 3months have pasted and Chelsea has been busy.  Last night I looked over photos from the past couple of months, I realise how much we love Chelsea and I can see all the opportunities we give her to improve physically and how much Chelsea is just a happy child.

The ketogenic diet is going really well, Chelsea is eating her special high fat foods. Her favourite is scrambled eggs and potato sticks.  As time consuming as it is making all her foods from scratch it has definitely been worth our while.

happy girl

The diet is helping control her seizures, better than ever. In fact over the last 3 months Chelsea has been completely weaned off 2 of her epilepsy medications with no seizure increases – from 3meds to 1 is sooo awesome for Chelsea !   

As a family we try to spend lots of time outdoors, at the park, beach, in the pool. Photos below are from Chelsea’s adventures from the beginning of 2013.


Chelsea is doing really well at physio, getting closer and closer to standing with minimal aid from Trent & I.   Most days Chelsea has practice in her standing frame that has helped as well.

chelsea leckey frame

We brought Chelsea a table and chairs like other kids her age, Trent modified 2 of the chairs – she has arm rests and a piece in between her legs. So that Chelsea can’t fall out or be pushed over by her little brother.  She feels like a big girl and seems to be quiet chuffed I reckon. Happy Girl!

chelseas table and chairs

This month we had an old school friend of Trent organise a fundraiser for Chelsea to help with ongoing medical costs and to go towards a PramChair. ‘ Danzeit for Chelsea’ was a great success with over 100 people attending.  Awesome lights and sounds effects was donated by Dream Tech – a massive thank you for provided your services of free! RochdaleSouthStateSchool gave us the Hall & Danzeit Fitness got in contact with several other Zumba dance instructors to have a massive Dance Party with a few hours of dancing, entertainment and raffles.  It was beautiful to see all the support from complete strangers and companies.   A big thank you to Lyndelle for organising the fundraiser! You a very kind hearted lady!  From peoples emails about how much fun they had, it has now been said to be an Annual Event for Chelsea!  

danzeit for chelsea

danzeit for chelea 1


There are several video clips from the day on you tube, click HERE to see one of the many clips.

More photos from the Fundraiser Danzeit for Chelsea are on her facebook page so check them out!





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  1. Opa & Oma says:

    Good work you guys! You are doing a fabulous job raising Chelsea! xoxoxox

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