Chance for Chelsea to Live the Life she Deserves


Tomorrow the 20th November is the one day of the year I will never forget. 2 years ago the 20th was a Saturday – the day Chelsea had her first ever seizure!    It was that weekend we began anticonvulsants, had an MRI on her brain & was diagnosed with Cortical Dysplasia – Epilepsy. The heart breaking news that the Doctors told Trent & I.  Our baby girl was only 13weeks old.   We spent 2 weeks in Hospital until the seizures were under control, we got sent home and within a week we were back for a further 5 weeks over Christmas & New Years of 2010 as her seizures increased. Gezz what a way to spend baby’s first Christmas!  All of Chelsea’s family visited on Christmas day, such love and support, it was touching.

We met another little girl Dakota & her mum Jodie who was Chelsea’s hospital buddy / room mate. So lucky to have met them and shared a room and kept each other company through the tough times. To this day we are still friends with Dakota her and Mum, Dad and little Brother.  


We had countless scans and tests done – EEG’s, ECG’s, MRI and blood tests. Poor kid.

I received a random phone call from a lady called Lisa she heard I was in hospital with the same diagnosis of Cortical Dysplasia as her son.  She rang the hospital bed to chat with me – just letting me know I was not alone and she was there if I needed to talk. To this day we are still great friends and I sincerely cherish that friendship. She is still always there for me as a shoulder to cry on or a phone call to let me know it’s OK to cry and yes it does suck having a kid not like all the others. She was the one who encouraged me to get Chelsea on the Ketogenic diet and for that alone I will be forever grateful.  Chelsea has had outstanding results on the diet decreased her seizures by 80% and decreased medications.  Just amazing. We love you Lisa.

The Queensland floods were coming and we were just about ready to be discharged, luckily we made it out and home. With numerous trips back to the hospital via ambulance it just seemed unfair, but not much we can do but suck it up and stay positive for our little girl.

So from all of this we have discovered what REALLY matters in life.  All that is important is FAMILY. Not money, not a house, not a big tv or material items.  But the people you love the most really do make you most happy!

 ## Make the most of today because you don’t know what tomorrow holds ##


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We love the keto diet

 Amazing. The ketogenic diet is just amazing, I never thought food could help control seizures and change the brain’s / body’s activities soooo much!

Chelsea has now been on the keto diet for 5 months and we have begun reducing topomax anti-consultant. She is doing outstanding.  Tomorrow I will be in the kitchen for close to 5 hours preparing meals for her dinners and lunches. On the menu is Chicken & Mushroom Casserole, Spag Bol (minus pasta) & Tuna Bake.  Everything will be weighed out to the nearest point 1 of a gram. All the hard work is definitely paying off!  Below is the recipes I have created and the spag bol that my girlfriend makes for her boy. Chelsea loves it too!  I’ve attached the recipes below so people realise how EVERYTHING is weighed and calorie counted!

We have had a very busy month and things are not slowing down for Christmas. More neurologist appointments, off to see the pediatrician and the usual speech therapy appointments, physio, music therapy, ecdp & playgroups.  Plus the find times we have at home playing with stuff like rice, jelly, finger painting, outdoors in the sand pit etc. Photos from these activities are on Chelsea’s facebook page.

Chelsea is definitely on a winning streak again, no seizures in the last 2weeks !  Thank you keto diet!





Please note that these recipes are specifically designed for Chelsea’s daily fat, carb & protein intake under the instruction of a dietician. It is not suitable to try these foods without guidance of a specialist. 🙂

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